Best Gacha Games to Play on Your Android Phone

These days, many people play gacha games. Even the smaller ones have devoted admirers, and the most popular ones have millions of downloads. The games have a certain playing style. They typically contain lengthy stories, numerous special events, and occasionally online multiplayer in addition to the classic JRPG combat elements. The gacha element, however, is what distinguishes a gacha game from other types.

Characters can be summoned with in-game money or equipment (often called pulls). It becomes important to build and rebuild your team several times as the game meta changes, which helps keep things interesting. Additionally, the damage you can do is amazing once you have a decent meta squad.

Well, here is a list of gacha games that you can play on your android phone. These games are super entertaining and engaging. All you need to download and play them is a good internet connection. Well, for good internet we suggest you check out RCN Internet deals. RCN internet is super affordable, fast, and perfect for gaming and streaming.

The Alchemist Code

Popular smartphone RPG The Alchemist Code is available. Instead of the typical JRPG mechanics, it incorporates strategy RPG mechanics. To assault the enemies, you move units around the board. The game also has a multiplayer co-op mode, fifty collectible characters, numerous special events, and a PvP competition.

During our testing, it proved to be fairly free-to-play (F2P) friendly. We can envision the debate going either way, though. The game has a terrific soundtrack, excellent graphics, and a ton of activities.

Another Eden

Although Another Eden isn’t the most well-known gacha game, it’s still quite good. The Chrono Trigger plot and music were written by the same writers. The game contains quite a few references to Chrono Trigger, such as time travel and other minor plot and design details. The gacha component is now fairly tiny, but we anticipate it will expand over time.

The gameplay deviates a little from the norm for a mobile RPG. As in early console JRPGs, you wander around a map and take part in story missions as opposed to the traditional mission-style gameplay.

Even though it’s a little different from most gacha games, it’s surprisingly good. A ton of fresh story content and several gameplay adjustments were also included in the summer 2019 release.


Arknights is a combination of a strategic RPG and a gacha RPG. The fundamental mechanics are largely comparable. These include a campaign mode, several transient events, and hundreds of summonable characters. However, the fighting is far more SRPG than JRPG. It’s almost like a pseudo-tower defense game in how the combat works and the finishing stages are part puzzle and part brute force.

Additionally, the game has an auto-deploy mode and a really good soundtrack. It appeals to players in a similar way to Azur Lane and places a lot more emphasis on character collection than other areas of the game.

Fate/Grand Order

The massive cast of the well-known Fate anime series is utilized in Fate/Grand Order. Fans of the series should therefore enjoy this one a lot. The audio and plot of the game are unexpectedly compelling. You also get a ton of unique events, a ton of summonable units, and great anime-style graphics.

The majority of the issues we’ve discovered are with the variations between the Japanese version and the international version. The development cycle of the Japanese version is a little further along. Fate/Grand Order is a perfectly good gacha game regardless of your familiarity with the anime series.

Bleach Brave Souls

One of several gacha RPGs with a long-running shonen as its theme is Bleach Brave Souls. Although Ultimate Ninja Blazing (from Naruto), Dragon Ball Legends, and One-Piece Treasure Cruise are also good options, we chose Bleach Brave Soul. In any case, Bleach Brave Souls offers action RPG gameplay, a respectable gacha system, and a large cast of summonable characters.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo’s entry into the world of gacha video games is Fire Emblem Heroes. Fortunately, Nintendo did a decent job. There are many things to do in this game, and the graphics are enjoyable and vibrant. Characters from the Fire Emblem series can be summoned in a variety of ways. Like console games, it employs strategy RPG elements.

We also enjoy the game’s minor details. Nintendo, for instance, provides you with the percentage likelihood of calling the very powerful units. It’s generally F2P friendly and is simply plain enjoyable to play. The gameplay mechanics are comparable to those of the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS versions of the game, and it features an outstanding plot.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is one of the best gacha games to be played on Android. The majority of gacha games are fairly nice, although Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is only slightly superior to the others. Very F2P friendly, in fact. It also has a lengthy plot, a ton of summonable units, a ton of special events, and a ton of other things to do. Turn-based JRPG combat with the customary selection of special powers is used in battle.

For an added dose of nostalgia, it also contains a ton of crossovers with other Square Enix franchises. The Brave Frontier series is also created by the developer, Gumi. It functions exactly like Brave Exvius without the Final Fantasy elements.

Guardian Tales

In the world of gacha games, Guardian Tales is a little bit unique. Players engage in action-adventure combat while exploring the game’s realm and dungeons to defeat bosses, find treasure, and level up. Although it only has fifty heroes, this helps to keep the game straightforward.

In addition, there are guilds, PvP, a house-building mechanic, and a ton of objectives to do. This one has a lot of positive qualities. The gameplay is seamless, and there aren’t any intrusive in-app purchases.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game with gacha features. It’s also conceivably among the greatest in the year 2020 for the genre. The game has elements of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in both appearance and feel. You may look at every detail of the environment, and you can even purchase a glider to make navigation simpler. There is a respectable plot, a solid soundtrack, and a solid cast of characters. The gacha components are rather different.

Instead of drawing characters from tickets like most other games, you acquire characters through in-game quests. If the creators can keep it up, this one could be something amazing.

Lord of Heroes

Another form of gacha game is Lord of Heroes. It offers a relatively free-to-play system, avoids traditional gacha clichés like overly sexual or violent character designs, and even the story is passable. Its turn-based gaming principles are quite conventional and include special movies and powers.

As you play, you level up your characters to gain access to greater and more potent skills. With the exception of a few translation blunders here and there, the graphics are fairly good.

MARVEL Strike Force

One of the rare Western gachas that is tolerable is MARVEL Strike Force. It has a typical mobile RPG interface. To combat a fresh menace, you put together a team of your favorite MARVEL characters, both good and bad. If you stay away from the PvP component of the game, the narrative is rather good. Unfortunately, the developers charge exorbitant prices for additional characters, like most Western gachas do (which represent the new meta when launched).

If you only play PvE, it’s manageable to avoid, but if you play any PvP at all, it’s impossible. This is a passable gacha game if you stick around for the narrative and ignore the PvP.

Final Thoughts

Well, these are a few gacha games that are super engaging, and entertaining. You can play these whenever you want on your Android phone.