How to Turn Saving Money Into a Game

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Looking for a fun and innovative way to save money? Then look no further! Turning saving money into a game is the perfect way to make saving more enjoyable. Here, we’ll show you some simple saving money games to help you stay on track with your financial goals.

Saving Money Jar Challenge

The saving money jar challenge is a fun and straightforward game. To play, set aside a jar to save your loose change. Every time you have some spare change put it in the jar. Once the jar is full, count how much you’ve saved and reward yourself with something small, like a coffee or a treat.

The saving money jar challenge can help you save for bigger things, like a vacation or home project. Set a goal and try to reach it in a certain amount of time. It will be more exciting than saving in a traditional savings account!

Create Your Own Savings Game 

If the saving money jar challenge differs from your style, you can create plenty of other saving money games! Set a goal and decide how much money you’ll need to save each month. Then, challenge yourself by putting specific incentives in place. If you set a goal to save $500 over the next year, you could reward yourself with a special treat every time you reach one of the saving milestones.

You can make saving money even more motivated by challenging your friends and family members to save too! You could even create competitions to track each other’s progress.

Savings Apps

In addition to saving money games, many saving money apps are available. Try out a few to see which one best fits your style. Some of our favorites include:

  • Acorns: This app rounds up your spare change and invests it for you.
  • Digit: The app analyzes your spending habits and saves money for you.
  • Qapital: This app allows you to save money for specific goals.

With saving money apps, you can set goals and watch your progress as you reach each milestone. You’ll be able to take advantage of innovative saving features, like automated savings transfers or automatic account rounding up. Why not give saving apps a try?

Get Competitive

Saving money games are a great way to get creative and have fun with saving. Whether you choose traditional saving methods or high-tech saving apps, enjoy the journey and stay motivated to reach your financial goals! You can also set a date to reach your saving goal and get competitive with yourself or even friends.

Increase your Savings By a Dollar Per Month

If saving games seems like they need to be more practical, then start small. Try saving a dollar per month and increasing the amount each month. This will help you get used to saving money and eventually reach your saving goal.

Teach Your Kids How to Save Money

They are saving money games that also teach your kids how to save money. Kids will love putting their spare change in jars and watching the coins add up. Plus, they’ll also get a feel for budgeting and saving money. You can find ways to incentivize saving by offering rewards for saving goals achieved. Ask your kids to do small chores around the house and reward them with saving money.

Plan for a “No Spend” Month

Challenge yourself by planning a “no-spend” month. This month, plan not to spend any money on unnecessary items and only use the money you’ve saved! This will teach you self-discipline and saving and help you reach your saving goal faster.

Get a Pantry Challenge

You can try the pantry challenge if a “no-spend” month seems too daunting. Start by emptying your pantry and saving all the food left. This lets you get creative with meal planning and saving money on groceries. At the end of the month, count how much money you saved by eating the food in your pantry.


Saving money games are fun, easy, and a great way to stay motivated about saving. Whether you play saving money jar challenges or take advantage of saving apps, saving money doesn’t have to be boring when you make it into a game! Plus, saving money games also teach kids the importance of budgeting and saving. So check out saving money games and start saving today!