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“Fun” is a term that will continue to be redefined as long as humans continue to advance. Many years ago, it would have been defined as hunting or a big celebration that involved singing and dancing. The invention of video games has put a new level on the fun meter, but like all things in the world, people prefer one to another. If you want to base your video game choice on the popular choice of video game players, you can check for consumer opinions.

Online stores such as Play Store or the Apple App Store are the most common sites to find a game app that can be played everywhere in the world. Below is a list of the most popular game apps in Sweden:

1. Candy Crush Saga

Several tile-matching games dominated the gaming world before Candy Crush made its way into the industry in 2013. Candy Crush was an instant fan favorite due to its simplicity and never-ending level.

On days when Sweden users have little to do, you can see them flipping on their phone or computer screen to match the candies to one another and progress to the next stage. Candy Crush can be played on phones, tablets, and even the Windows 10 operating system.

2. Coin Master

With over a hundred million downloads since its release, you can guess where the bulk of those downloads came from. Coin Master is a single-player mobile game that has found an increasing fanbase, especially in Europe. Swedes have accepted the game, which is about collecting and gambling coins to build villages, with open arms and positive reviews.

3. Pokemon Go

Nothing can define an app’s success better than five hundred million downloads and more than a hundred and seventy million daily users. Pokemon Go has become the future of gaming due to its popularizing of Augmented Reality and location-based games.

Although it is subjected to the controversy of causing insecurity and accidents, which has made several governments regulate its users, its fan base continues to grow in Sweden.

4. Call of Duty

The sudden wave of shooting games swept across the world in the 21st century did not spare Sweden either. Call of Duty has been the tip of the spear of this wave since its launch in 2003. Its first-person style has made some users addicted to the feeling of being part of the action.

Activision’s game is probably one of the most profitable ventures in the gaming app industry due to its forage into almost all types of gaming systems, such as Windows, OS X, Nintendo, PS, Xbox, iOS, and other mobiles.

5. PUBG Mobile

Developed by LightSpeed & Quantum Studios, PUBG Mobile is one of the most famous gaming apps ever to enter Sweden’s internet space. As a mobile adaptation of PUBG: Battleground, the game’s Android and iOS parts were released in 2018 to a worldwide ovation.


The above are only some of the most popular gaming apps you can find in Sweden, just like in other parts of the world.